Thursday, 31 March 2016

There's Always A Way Around It...

How much would you be willing to sweat to save £45? That is the question.
Matt Botten, a 32-year-old man from Cardiff, proved on Monday that he’s ready to go all the way and sweat as much as he's ever sweated before in order to avoid paying £45 in what he saw as unfair fees.
He was checking into a flight to Keflavík, Iceland from Gatwick Airport in the UK with budget airline EasyJet when he made the decision that instead of paying the £45 fee for extra baggage, he would bite the bullet and sweat it out instead.
He pulled out all the clothes from his fee-incurring suitcase and put them on rather than check the bag. His new outfit for the journey included several jumpers, extra trousers, a number of T-shirts, as well as a pair of shoes in his pockets. And all it cost him was a long list of questions from curious airline staff before he was allowed to board the plane.
Lucky for him, he received a freezing reception from the weather gods in Iceland, who greeted him with 'unseasonably' cold temperatures, making him grateful for each and every piece of clothing he had on.

There's a moral to this story somewhere. If anyone can figure out what it is... please let me know.

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