Thursday, 9 March 2017

My Fourth Book 'Out On The Ice' To Be Released This Spring...!

                                'OUT ON THE ICE'... coming soon!

I have just this week signed a contract with publishing punk rockers Fahrenheit Press to publish my fourth book this spring. The novella will be entitled ‘Out On The Ice’ and will mark the end of my Icelandic Noir series set in Reykjavík, for the time being anyway. Having recently moved to Finland I am now working on a series set here featuring my new detective Markku Waris designed to make your hair stand on end and give you endless sleepless nights.

‘Out On The Ice’ is a novella of similar length to my book ‘The Mistake’. It is written from a female protagonist’s point of view much as my first book ‘On A Small Island’ was. It has a softer approach to the crime genre than my other books and revolves around a narrative of how love can go so terribly wrong. The story is told from Sóley’s perspective as she relives the last twenty-three years of her life and her struggles with her son Jakob, her boyfriend Gísli and the father of her child Kaldi. While Sóley tries so very hard to hold her little family together the men in her life strive only to wind up in trouble which they invariably do.

This book will allow the sun to set on Detective Grímur Karlsson’s career and my stories from Iceland before I launch my new Finnish series later in the year. ‘On A Small Island’ and ‘A Place To Bury Strangers’ are available now through Fahrenheit Press while ‘The Mistake’ is out through Number Thirteen Press.

‘On A Small Island:
‘The Mistake’:
‘A Place To Bury Strangers’: 

‘Out On The Ice’ will be released just in time for my appearance at this year’s Dekkarit Festival in Varkaus, Finland. The Dekkarit Festival is a crime writing festival like no other and features a variety of multi-media events including a drive-in cinema. Anyone thinking of making a trip to glorious Finland at any point will do well to consider dropping in on Varkaus this July 28-30.

Festival website:

At the moment the website is only in Finland but an English version will be available soon. Summer in Finland is a treat not to be missed with the temperatures here reaching heights that the UK and other parts of Europe could only dream of. We all hope to see you there!

Here you can read the opening paragraph of 'Out On The Ice':

“Don’t go out on the ice,” was the first thing Gísli said to me when he saw little Jakob out on that frozen lake. That was twenty years ago now. It was the first thing he’d said to me all day I actually listened to and it is the last thing I remember him ever saying to me. I know there were other words spoken or screamed across the ice as I tried to get the two of them to come back to me. Back where they belonged, safe and sound in my arms. But it is that particular line that has stuck in my head over the passage of the years and I hear it again every time I look at my beautiful boy who has now become a man. And wonder what might have been.

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